Anna Salenko

about ME

Art experience

Lets see the biography. Anna graduated from one of the schools of classical art in Russia, she gained degree in teaching art as well. Soon after, she went to Italy where she opened for herself a whole new world of fashion and art that served as a source of inspiration for her. Find out more


My School

Do you want to know what give me inspiration for everyday, kids. I love teaching, I have been doing it for more them 5 year, and still there are many discoveries. Now you are welcomes to see all my full story how did we opened a school in China.😊


I’m using  to draw city scapes and using palette knife when painting for more then 5 years. I want to share my experience with you, I will show how to gain this knowledge in a fast way. My lessons show both classical technical knowledges, as well as you will got deeper in my technique.


Basics to knife palette

All the thing you need rot know before start